My Hair Transformation….!

So regular readers would know that a little while ago I asked for your opinions on getting my hair pretty drastically changed to red! Thanks for all your lovely comments, they helped me decide to just go for the change! So on Wednesday I took my first day of work in what seems like forever and relaxed in the capable hands of my favourite hairdresser Jaye Edwards @ Edwards and Co (Previously called Torquill Murray). And here’s how it went.

This is how we started. My poor little strands have been dyed over and over again with Semi-Permanent dye for the best part of the last 7 years. I never really had a problem with the colour but it always seemed to look a bit dull, and after that long it was time for a change.

Edwards & Co  is located in Surry Hills, on Riley street, and it’s not a bad little spot to relax for the next.. four hours!

Jaye makes an appearance in that last photo, he is the one in the apron at the computer. All the little touches in Edwards & Co make it even more relaxing, there is hundreds of amazing magazines to read as well as delicious biscuits & teas.

Now, before I show you the end result – a little bit more about this amazing hairdresser of mine. Jaye is quite young but has been in the business for over 7 years, he has some amazing clients one of which is the stunning Lara Bingle! Like her or loathe her you have to admit, she has got some amazing blonde locks!

Jaye uses Evo products on all his clients, which is fantastic as I have recently fallen in love with these also. My favourite is the therapist Shampoo & Conditioner but they have a great range of products for everybody.

On top of their great products, evo recently sponsored a street university event in which Jaye gave free haircuts to those who couldn’t afford it to give them an edge in finding jobs and helping them find their feet.

Some photos from the Street Uni event, the evo products & the team! It’s great to see a fantastic brand supporting a great cause. All of their products are sulphate, paraben and propylene glycol free and are also not tested on animals, they are also all colour safe.

But now.. the end result..


I couldn’t be happier with the result! I went in with dull browny red hair and came out with this dynamic colour, which I quite honestly would of let no one other than Jaye do because It was such a huge change!

So what do you think???!

I cannot recommend Jaye highly enough and you can check out his website here, as well as his twitter, facebook or follow him on instagram! The salon is at 1/255 Riley Street, Surry Hills. As it’s in the middle of a name change the signage may still say Torquil Murray – but you’re in the right place!

Opinions please: New Hair Colour!

So I’ve had a pretty terrible run with my hair lately. I’ve never had it coloured in a salon and always done semi-permanent colour at home which while I haven’t been unhappy with it does leave me with limited options with my dark hair..unless you want to get out the peroxide!

Also as you might of noticed i’m a little shy when it comes to posting up pictures of myself on this blog! But I do kind of need to for this post, and although it is tiny you do get to see me with a moustache..!Because that’s how I roll.

I also am a little scared of hairdressers and will never get anything drastic done unless i’ve already been there a few times and feel comfortable with them, and my current one is pretty amazing, so if I was ever to go for a big change it would be now!

So when I say drastic, I mean the RED type of drastic!! The Taylor Tomasi Hill red to be exact:

So, my lovely readers, should I do it? I suppose I could look at is is although it will take a bit of work to get there if I really really hate it I could dye it back darker pretty easy…. How do you make up your mind when you are thinking of a drastic hair change??

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks x