Fake MAC at Target – An Update!

It has been a little while since we’ve heard any news about the fake MAC products that were sold in Target Australia late last year but an update has come through recently which explains a little bit more about how these products ended up on targets shelves.

An article just published in the age explains that Target followed up the chain of supply from the melbourne based retailer where the goods were purchased from and came across the wholesaler “Get Your MAC On” based in Arizona. They sued this supplier and in the process discovered that they had sourced the products from another seller – “Mudd Puppy” – based near Texas.

Descriptions of Mudd Puppy company are all along the lines of  “Mac Cosmetics,100% AUTHENTIC,No Replicas,USA Distributer,Reliable” .. heard that before!

Target are frantically trying to determine in a series of US court cases the authenticity of these products to defend themselves against what could be a pretty substantial case in the Australian Courts. The outcome of these investigations with the Mudd Puppy retailer will certainly be interesting to watch unfold!

So back to what this means for y0u – and I cannot stress this enough:

“The fact that make-up is placed on the body, and often partially ingested by its users, raises a series of problems for Target if the cosmetics are eventually proved fake.” (The Age)

Buy only from Authorised resellers ladies!! There are plenty in Australia – MAC has an online store, and while yes you can sometimes get products significantly cheaper from these grey market retailers it is just NOT worth the risk!!

If you want to buy MAC in Australia – head to your local Myer or David Jones stores, or visit MAC’s website . Steer clear of retailers such as strawberrynet or other overseas grey market resellers.

What do you think about this latest development in the MAC v Target case?

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Words of Wisdom

I’ve always been interested in industry leaders, and their stories of getting to the top as well as their tips for those who wish to get there.

In the Women’s Wear Daily “Beauty Inc” publication (Which I highly recommend for all you beauty lovers, Subscription is on the expensive side but some Universities have access to it if your a student) there was an article called “Rare Air” which had various CEO tips on success. I thought I’d share my favourites..

“Always strive to ‘unlearn’ what you already know; challenge yourself to think differently, adapt to new circumstances, lead with a fresh set of eyes. Be eternally curious, listen and never settle.”

Global chief executive officer, Chanel

“Take on the tough assignments, seek out responsibilities and execute even the smallest, most mundane assignment with excellence. Be dependable, show up, deliver on your commitments. Most of the success in business is not driven from grand strategy but daily excellence in execution.”


Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Arden

Be ready when opportunities present themselves. Throw yourself into your career with passion…embrace the challenges presented to you; ask the question that everyone is afraid to ask; stand up to the person who thinks they are always right; be bold and be comfortable being wrong. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, keeping your two feet planted firmly on the ground. And remember that life does not owe you a living; you have to actively live your life.”


President and Chief Executive Officer, Revlon

“Take risks. If you are offered an opportunity and it doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth considering. Surround yourself with the best people—and do whatever it takes to keep them. Build a team based on mutual trust and respect. Leave the politics to Washington.”


President and Chief Executive Officer, Christian Dior Inc. and LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics North America

The Wonders of Ladurée…

Ladurée is currently known for its perfect macaroons and amazing packaging, but in 2012 they are launching a beauty collection entitled “The Wonders of Ladurée”.

Photo from Elle.co.uk

This isn’t their first foray into the beauty market, with a range of products in 2007 including face and body creams in gorgeous packaging which look like this..

What excited me the most about this launch is that the highlights of the collection are said to be 20 blush colours in the form of cameos. They will also have foundations and lip glosses. The collection launches first in Japan early next year, with the US to follow.

Would you buy Laduree beauty products? Or will you be sticking with their amazing macarons?