Goldwell Dualsenses Colour Extra Rich Range


I spoke about these products from Goldwell very briefly in the past but as I am now getting to the bottom of the bottle I have to write a bit more about it.

Formulated with pomegranate extract and brilliance system technology The Goldwell Extra Rich Range smells amazing (like Lychee and Blackcurrent) but more importantly, does amazing things to your hair.

The Color Extra Rich Shampoo & Conditioner work together to stop colour fade – and with my dyed red hair I will take any steps I can to prolong my colour. After washing, my hair is smooth and silky and I have noticed that since I’ve been using it my hair is needing to be trimmed before the colour has to be re done (normally it’s the other way around!).

While the Shampoo & Conditioner work great, the pink blobby substance you can see on the right of the picture is my absolute holy grail product – the Color Extra Rich 60 Second Treatment. The treatment is extremely thick but spreads easily in wet hair, and is by far the most effective 60 second treatment I’ve used. Normally hair feels good, but very similar to how it feels after conditioner with most short treatments. As much as I’d love to relax for 15 minutes with a hot towel on my head washing my long hair is enough of a chore as it is so 60 seconds will do it for me! The treatment leaves hair silky smooth for days following and with a beautiful healthy shine. This product is pretty much the closest I get to having that just left the salon feeling at home and I absolutely love it!

The Color Extra Rich Shampoo & Conditioner retails for $25.45 and the Color Extra Rich 60 Second Treatment for $26.95. You can purchase Goldwell at selected salons.

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