Every Little Bit Helps

Beauty Bloggers & make-up hoarders have one very common first world problem..What to do with all this stuff? I am very lucky to receive some beautiful products from amazing brands, sometimes in multiples. On top of that my obsession with beauty can see me accumulate gift’s with purchase or samples that I can’t really use myself.

Just the other day I came across a solution to this little problem, and it’s called “Every Little Bit Helps”.

Every Little Bit Helps

Every Little Bit Helps is a registered Australian not-for-profit charity with the specific purpose of receiving and redistributing unwanted and unused complimentary hotel toiletries, airline amenity kits, sanitary items, make-up and cosmetic samples to those in need including Homeless Shelters, Women’s Shelters and Youth Shelters.

I thought this was a fabulous idea, and a very easy way to contribute something to those who would really appreciate it.

You can read more about supporting the cause on the Every Little Bit Helps Website, but for individuals you can simply post your products to:
PO Box 340, Forestville NSW 2087.

If you can’t support them yourself, you can spread the word by sharing their website or facebook with those who may be able to.

It may seem like you are not dong much, but every little bit helps.

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