Organic Avenue Juice Cleanse Review – and a list of other cleanses you can try!

I’ve made a few changes in a hope to clean up my health and eating habits. This, and the fact that my excuse to wear multiple layers and oversized knits will be gone come the spring encouraged me to kick start my health kick with a juice cleanse. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard scepticism or just general confusion about why I would make the decision voluntarily to consume nothing but juice for three days. BUT I did. And while I was a bit fearful of how painful it would be to start, I actually enjoyed it.

A juice cleanse is a great way to rest the digestive system, clear out toxins and boost the bodies natural detoxifying systems. Different companies tout slightly different benefits aimed at different people. And the companies offering juice cleanses are multiplying. I undertook mine with Organic Avenue, taking advantage of a GWP offer RUSSH magazine was offering.

Organic Avenue offers just two different cleanses; one for beginners and one for those more experienced, with an option for either to add tea, a coffee scrub and a probiotic. The cleanse itself costs $200 for 3 days, or if you chose one with the additional extras it is $258.

While I have had my fair share of green juices, and loved most of the juices in this cleanse there weren’t exactly to my taste but you do get used to it (the cayenne pepper in the Daily Detox juice packs a punch).

I was actually expecting this to be a lot harder than it was. There were a few periods when I felt hungry, but this was generally right before it was time for another juice and the feeling went away. I am an avid drinking of coffee, but cut it out of my diet about 4 days before I started the cleanse and I didn’t notice any headaches. You are also meant to clean up your diet in the days leading up, which I tried to do but did fail a little bit, and this is in order to avoid the most negative side-effects of cleansing.

Has it helped me? Absolutely. To be honest I was hoping to lose some weight, but I didn’t. It is really common to lose weight during these cleanses but through my previous health kicks (I did Hypoxi and lost 3kg) I think I lost all the “easy” weight already. I felt so invigorated the day after I finished, I wasn’t starving and didn’t just want to eat everything in my sight and I had SO much energy. The following few weeks I felt the same, and most notable for me, I no longer have caffeine cravings in the morning. I actually think I still drink the occasional cup just out of habit, much-preferring tea or lemon water. I am also carrying over habits, and have reduced portion sizes of my meals, finding myself getting hungry less often and more in tune to when I actually need to eat.

I would do a cleanse again in a heartbeat, I think it would be a great thing to clean your body out seasonally. I increased my energy levels, general wellbeing and motivation to clean up my diet – and although I didn’t lose any weight my stomach was flatter! The only real downside is that during the cleanse, you do get tired early. So if you are thinking about completing one make sure you set dates where you don’t have a lot planned or you may struggle. I looked at some other cleanses, and they are all pretty similar in price with just a few differences. If you are looking to do a cleanse, there are so many different companies providing them now!

Juice Cleanse (photo from Urban Remedy)

See a list (and their prices) below:

Organic Avenue $200 for 3 days for either the Signature, or Dynamic Cleanse. There are 8 x 470 ml juices a day and an $18 flat delivery fee. They cover Melb, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra metro areas.

Schkinny Maninny $215 for 3 days for their “Just Juice” cleanse. You consume 6 x 500ml juices a day. This company also offers combination of juice & dinner or juice & soup cleanses if you don’t want to go on an entirely liquid diet. Delivery is $19.95 and they cover Melb, Sydney and Brisbane CBD.

Urban Remedy $185 for 3 days for any of their 6 different cleanses and an option to create your own. Cleanses contain their Urban Remedy Mother Tonic and 7 x 450ml juices a day. Delivery is $20 and they cover Melb, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra metro areas.

Pressed Juices $198 for 3 days and there are three levels of cleanse to pick from. What is interesting with this company is that while 2 of the 8 juices a day are set, the other six you are able to pick from a number of options. A toal of 8 x 470ml juices are consumed a day. This is perfect if you are a bit picky with your juices, but having tried lots of pressed juices from their store in Mosman, there haven’t been many I didn’t like! Delivery is $18 for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra Metro.

Lucky You Cleanse $225 for 3 days, and there is only one type of cleanse. Provides 6 x 500ml juices in a cooler bag for you to keep. Delivery is $10 and is only available in Sydney Metro, Newcastle and Central Coast.

Orchard Street $255 3 days of either the Pure, Signature or Green Cleanse. You consume 6x 500ml juices a day. Shipping is $10, and while based in Sydney they do post interstate using insulated couriered boxes.

Calipress Their “Big Easy” Juice Cleanse is $210 for 3 days with 6 x 350ml juices and 2 x 500ml smoothies. The Standard Cleanse is $195 for 3 days (7 juices, 1 smoothie) and Deep Cleanse is $180 for 3 days (8 x juices). Delivery within selected areas of Sydney for $15.00.

BlendCo $198 for 3 days, with just one type of cleanse on offer. 6 x 470ml juices are to be consumed each day. BlendCo offer free shipping and I can’t see any restrictions on locations.

ProdJuice $260 for a 3 day Restore Cleanse. The Restore cleanse has 6 x 600ml juices (they are delicious, I have sampled a few of them!). They also offer seasonal cleanses, there is a Spring Cleanse which includes tonics, soup and oats, this is $200 for 3 days. Delivery is $20 within Sydney Metro – and free within the Northern Beaches area.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my experiences with a cleanse, and I’d love for you to share if you have completed one and what your thoughts are!

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