Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Range

It is no secret I’m a little bit in love with Jurlique products so I got my hands on this brand new Calendula Redness Rescue Range as soon as I could!

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Range

This new range is based around Calendula, an ingredient with great soothing and balancing properties, perfect for those with sensitive skin or that suffer from redness or dryness.

Jurlique Calming Mist

The Restorative Treatment Serum is gel-like texture, deeply moisturising with extracts of Chamomile and Marshmallow with Echinacea to rebalance oiliness and Calendula to soothe the skin. It feels beautiful when applied and i’ve certainly noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin since i’ve been using this. It’s gotten rid of the dryness around my nose and has helped some of the oiliness i’ve been suffering.

RRP $85

Redness Rescue Calendula Moisturising Cream

The Soothing Moisturising cream is my absolute favourite! The cream has a light yellow tint thanks to the Calendula and it is heaven to skin after a hot summers day. With Calendula, Rose Hip Oil, Primrose Oil and other hard-working ingredients to both hydrate and help increase the skins natural barriers. While this moisturiser is a little heavy it absorbs quickly and does a great job at soothing sensitive, irritated skin.
RRP $50

Treatment Serum (1)

calming mist

Jurlique knows how to do a good Calming Mist, and this one is amazing. With an aroma of fresh cucumber and chamomile uplifts the senses it contains Aloe Vera and Linseed extracts to help moisturise. While I also love the rose mists from Jurlique I know the scent can be a little overwhelming for some, so this is the perfect alternative.
RRP $55

The full range is perfect for sensitive skin, but if you’re not to sure if it’s right for you pop into a Jurlique store and they can do a little consultation or alternatively you can grab the sensitive skin starter pack which has a 15ml mist, treatment serum and 40ml moisturising cream and cleanser for $58.99. So don’t take my word for it, test these great new products out for yourself!

These products were provided in consideration for review, all opinions are 100% honest.


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